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ROOR Rice & Hemp CBD Ultra Thin Slim Papers


ROOR, a brand you've no doubt heard of from their acclaimed reputation for producing luxurious handblown waterpipes constructed from high-end borosilicate glass since the 1980s. Their pipes have become renowned as the choice of opulence, equally known for their meticulous quality control, superior material selection as well as small-batch volumes helmed by creator and chief designer Martin Birzle.

After decades of dominating in the high-end functional glass scene, RooR is again taking the industry by storm with the world's first-ever rolling papers, these have been infused using a CBD gum which ROOR holds the exclusive patent for.


ROOR’s Rice & Hemp papers are made from rice plants cultivated in the Camargue region of southern France guaranteed to be GMO-free. The hemp used to create these papers contains fibers that are both silky and resistant. The leaves are very soft, light beige and are transparent due to their ultra-thin construction.

ROOR CBD Gum Rice & Hemp Slim Rolling Papers

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