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The Signature Rolling Tray from Vibes is part of a raft of launch products from this exciting new American brand that specializes in premium quality rolling papers and pre-rolled cones.

This new range of Vibes rolling trays and smoking accessories is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm. From rolling papers, herb grinders and killer snapbacks, Berner has further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with this collection of premium quality aluminium rolling trays with that iconic Cookie Family styling.

The trays are made from lightweight aluminium and have rounded corners and raised edges to help keep all your smoking material on the tray and off the floor.
With a glossy black finish and the iconic Vibes logo featured in vibrant yellow. The small tray can of course, be used anywhere, but it’s smaller size makes it perfect for road trips or festival camping parties where storage space is limited.

Signature Aluminium Rolling Tray by Vibes (Small)

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